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Ants, by region or subfamily
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Ants, by region or subfamily

Global ant collaboration: 

Global ant project:

Ant genera of the World (distribution maps): 

News :

AntBase : Social Insects World Wide Web : SIWeb :
Hymenoptera Name Server (via AntBase):
AntWeb : tools for exploring the diversity and identification of ants :
The tree of life : Ants

Insect photography by Alex Wild :
Steve Yanoviak's canopy ants : 
Terence McGlyn
n's  invasive ants

Ants of Costa Rica :
California desert ants
Ants of Bahian Atlantic forest : 
Ants of France: 
Ants of Nicaragua :
Ants of Papua New Guinea 
Ants of Paraguay :
Ants of Chile :
Ants of New Guinea: 

Army ants: Index.html (
Ants of Minnesota :
MacKay lab :

African ant research group :
The Ants of West Africa and the Congo Basin: Antcover.htm (
Madagascar : Keyantmadagascar.html (

Australian ants online : Default.htm (

Japanese Ants Color Image Database: INDEXE.HTM (

Ant researchers & labs

ant researchers, lists :

Brandon Bestelmeyer :
C. Roberto F. Brandão (Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo) :
Brian Fisher :'s/fisher.html
Terrence P. McGlynn :
Michael Kaspari :
Jack Longino :
Jonathan Majer :


World :
Neotropics :

Yves Roisin research unit, Université Libre de Bruxelles :
Termite Research Group, Natural History Museum, London :

Biodiversity & conservation

Belgian portal site for information exchange in the field of biological diversity

Pro-Natura :
Wilidlife Conservation Society :
The eden project :
Centres of Plant diversity
(Smithsonian Institution)
Conservation International :
European Centre for Nature Conservation
Flora and Fauna International :
Tropical Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Initiative :
World Wildlife Fund :
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute :

Scientific societies

Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation :
Tropical Biology Association :
Section française de l'Union Internationale pour l'Etude des Insectes Sociaux
Society for Conservation Biology :

Naturalist associations

Centre Paul Duvigneaud de Documentation Ecologique, CIVA


Ant Systematics References 1993 to 1999. April 30, 2000:
Hymenoptera Name Server :
Tree of live :
Geographic Names Database :

Freewares in Ecology

EstimateS :
Ecosim :
R package :
ADE 4 :
SciViews :

Microscopy : digital imaging

Digitally Imaging Parasitic Hymenoptera :


Studying forest canopies from above: the international canopy crane network. Edited by Yves Basset, Vibeke Horlyck & S. Joseph Wright

Canopy raft :
The canopy raft architect website : Gilles Ebersolt
 The climbers website :

The Parataxonomist Training Centre, Papua New Guinea
Canopy Cranes in Panama 

The Global Canopy Programme 
The International Canopy Network 

Communication in Science

Unbiased scientific information on environment and health matters


Photographers and film-makers

Roger Le Guen 

Jake Bryant 


Humor & curiosities in Science

Journal of irreproducible results :
Asymmetry curiosities :
Scotch whiskies and data analysis :
Rhinogrades (FR):


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